How to write a cover letter for project management

A cover letter must be clear and should not exceed one page. Your profile and professional objectives in relation to the position must be prominently stated. You must outline your interest in the job and provide a short summary of your experiences and skills.

Nowadays, the formal cover letter is no longer obligatory: most of the time, an email with your resumé attached is sufficient. The body of the email acts as a short, informal cover letter.

First name Last name
9845 xxxx Street
La Prairie, QC V6E 2K3
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

La Prairie, March 10, 2011

Re: Reply to Project Coordinator job opening
Ref.: 98763289072jkl

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am extremely interested in the Project Coordinator position that was posted on the website

During my three years of experience as Project Manager in event organization at XXX, I managed the schedules and budgets of several simultaneous, large-scale projects. Most notably, I organized three seminars involving over 500 people, as well as two annual golf tournaments for YYY. I am dynamic and rigorous by nature, and my work demonstrates a high degree of autonomy and attention to detail.

I believe my profile to be a perfect match for the criteria of the job and I can assure you that my career objectives correspond well with this position, as I wish now to apply my expertise to an organization of an international stature.

Please find my resumé attached. I look very much forward to an interview opportunity, at which time I will be able to provide more information about myself and further expound upon my strong interest in the position. Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,


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