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Mistakes Every Project Manager Makes

Whether just starting out or having earned his stripes, no project manager is immune from mistakes. Here are three big risks of the trade, and how to avoid them. Starting too soon In a hurry to take action? Be careful not to jump onto the first solution that comes to mind. Project managers who fall […]

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What exactly does a coordinator do?

It’s a job title that appears everywhere, while it’s difficult to clearly identify the specific tasks of the “project coordinator”. What does this employee do exactly? Basically, a coordinator is a team leader. He creates the right conditions for execution of various projects. He coordinates the different players involved in the project from a specification […]

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Scrum Master?

More and more organizations that have converted to “agile” management are using what is called a scrum master. Similar to a project manager, he nonetheless wears several hats and plays a distinct role. If you are thinking of becoming a scrum master, here is what you need to know about this new profession. The scrum […]

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How to Become Agile Every Day

Agility is now an inherent skill in the business world. The business analyst needs to adapt his approach to be more easily able to embrace new challenges. What is agility and how can you improve yours? Alternative project management “Agile methods” refer to a set of project management practices. Unlike traditional design and production methods […]

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Industries that Fuel Project Managers

A presentation of various industries where there is a strong demand for project managers. Information technologies According to the annual project management salary survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), close to 50% of projects in Canada are projects related to IT. So it is normal for the industry to be greedy for project […]

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How to Decomplexify a Project

Project management can quickly become a headache, with the number and magnitude of projects underway and because of the many stakeholders and organizations involved. Some tips to keep it simple… Breaking down the project into small parts How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time! The same goes for planning a project. […]

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How to Apply an Agile Methodology in Your Projects

Innovative and rapidly developing companies have every interest in turning to agile methods to carry out their projects. Introduction to the agile methodology. “The first time you do an agile project it can be confusing,” admits Simon Leblanc, an IT project manager with experience in the two approaches, traditional and agile. “We need to change […]

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Knowing How to Manage a Project’s Risks

Risk management is often the aspect most neglected by a project manager. However, it is of capital importance. Overview of the process of managing the risks of a project and the keys for success. In project management, there’s no such thing as “zero risks”. However, knowing this, project managers often leave risk management behind, focusing […]


How to Build a Project Manager’s Résumé

Being a project manager, assignments follow one after another and are not alike. Since it is often impossible to detail all the projects, how do you build a relevant project manager’s résumé? A juggler of tasks par excellence, project managers work in all fields: engineering, computers, construction, finance, marketing, pharmaceutical, media, etc. His role is […]

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The Best Tools in Project Management

Project managers present us the best tools they use in their daily work. The most popular of all is MS Project, from the Microsoft suite, according to Capterra, an American software consulting firm. It is currently used in many business areas, confirms Benoît Lalonde, president of PMI-Montréal. It is an excellent tool for managing traditional […]

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How to Resign Without Closing Doors

In the IT field, changing employers regularly lets you climb the hierarchy and pay scale faster. But since it’s a small world, how do you resign with class, and without closing doors? “Due to the shortage of manpower, people who work in IT currently have the big end of the stick… So I’m not sure […]


How to Develop your Project Management Skills

He juggles, he guides, he slices, he orchestrates. The project manager needs many qualities to successfully carry out his duties. To improve his skills, continuing education is suggested for him, networking with communities of practice and developing his interpersonal skills. When we asked Alejandro Romero, director of graduate programs in project management at UQAM, what […]

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