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When the competition is soliciting your talents

When the competition is soliciting your talents – With the glitter of a contract that is better than your current one, it’s an attractive offer. But before seizing this opportunity, there are some major details to consider. Here are the main ones. The first thing to do is to know whether your employment contract contains […]

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Does a false CV automatically lead to dismissal?

Many surveys confirm it – about 40% of the population have lied on their CV. A diploma that wasn’t completed, an exaggerated internship, software not mastered… candidates often inflate their skills to gain access to the coveted position. But once hired and unmasked, how serious are these lies? “A false cv is never good, but […]


PMP Certification: To Get Certified or Not?

Project managers that have PMP (Project Management Professional) certification earn an average salary 21% higher than those who do not have it. What is this certification for and how do you obtain it? “In another era, the project manager was a generalist. He had to apply his knowledge differently from one project to another,” explains […]

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The Project Manager Keys to Success

A Project Manager plays a key role when change is required in the organization. Since this job blends technical skills with interpersonal skills, its not necessarily what a project manager wants! And the skills required by the profession are not all learned at school. “You have to have a specific profile to become a project […]


SER : A handy pocket guide for businesses

SER is not a strange new kind of disease, but a principle associated with sustainable development that is becoming increasingly popular with companies. Based on the idea that economic, social and environmental issues are linked, social and environmental responsibility (SER) is a new performance tool and lever for attracting employees. “The seminar on social responsibility […]


Interview : The value of a MBA for a company

Code name: MBA for Master of Business Administration. This top-calibre education in management, steeped in a strong international culture, is very popular with candidates. But what’s in it for the company? There are only two potential candidates left for the position of chief financial officer you are trying to fill. Both have a bachelor’s degree in finance, but […]

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Agile management : How to implement it in your business

The concept is nice in theory: an organization must have an agile management. But, how do you implement this management culture within your organization? And how does it work on a daily basis? The concept of agile management  “Basically, the concept of agile management stems from the IT world, where projects are often very heavy […]

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Career : Is the community sector for me ?

The community sector is a particular world closer to the human element and far removed from corporate motives. An experienced member of this sector tells us about its advantages and characteristics.  When we asked Amélie Lafortune-Lauzon on the essential qualities of communal work, she answered without so much as a preamble. “You need to want […]

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Teamwork : What chickens have taught us!

Select the best candidates, put them together and you have a super teamwork! True? Perhaps, but the equation is not that simple, especially if one looks at the recent results of a study on the issue, one that included chickens. Focusing on the notion of productivity, William Muir, a scientist at Purdue University in the […] network