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You will find here project management related tools and resources to help you choose a career in project management, apply on project coordinator jobs, prepare for a project manager job interview, assess your project manager skill set, and much more.

All you want to know about project management

You would like to become a project manager? What does the job exactly consist in, what is the project manager role in a company? What are the educational pre-requisites and the personal skills required to become a project manager? Read project management professionals' interviews, testimonies, and job descriptions in various sectors such as engineering, IT and construction, to learn more about perspectives, roles and evolution of the project managers.

Candidates advice in project management

You are applying a project management position : learn how to nail your recruiting interview, how to write a resume and a presentation letter that stand out! Your CV must make all the difference, and be tailored to each job offer. The presentation letter is also really important.  Before the interview, it is essential that you inform yourself about the company to which you are applying. Research and learn all vital information. The interview allows the recruiter to get to know you better on a professional level, on the basis of project management, and also on a personal level.

Project management interviews

Read some project management professionals interviews. What do the professionals of project management say? Meet a supervisor engineering services, and a project manager in public works.

Project management job descriptions

Learn more about the project managers role and responsibilities, their employment perspectives in various industries or sectors. What are the required abilities and the pre-requisites to become a good project manager and lead a team in IT, construction or engineering?

Project management: education and training

Project management remains a skill that is primarily acquired on the job. It calls for a certain maturity and experience. But it's also a function that often requires a university degree, and that can be perfected with a master's degree. You will find here a project management collegial and academic programs directory in all provinces of Canada

Useful resources in project management

Useful resources in project management: links, addresses, organizations, events, province by province in Canada, to be sure not to miss an information! network