All you want to know about project management

You would like to become a project manager? What does the job exactly consist in, what is the project manager role in a company? What are the educational pre-requisites and the personal skills required to become a project manager? Read project management professionals' interviews, testimonies, and job descriptions in various sectors such as engineering, IT and construction, to learn more about perspectives, roles and evolution of the project managers.

The Project Management Institute – PMI

The Project Management Institute is an international, non-profit professional association representing project managers. Organized into 200 chapters in 125 countries, PMI now has 200,000 members from a variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive, business management, construction, engineering, financial services, information technology, pharmaceutical and telecommunications. PMI sets project management norms, organizes seminars, training programs and offers […]

Place of the project manager within the company

First appearing in the 1970s, the role of project manager has expanded in scope and gotten more complex over the years. The trend is toward the generalization of the notion of project: the need to react to market fluctuations is pushing an increasing number of realizations to be carried out in project mode. Projects are increasingly […]

Entering the project management field: a 7 step plan

Entering project management is a challenging but well worth the effort. Take your time to plan this project and you will see results. Project management is a rapidly growing profession known for both high compensation and growth opportunities. According to the Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals, the salary range for project managers […]

Project manager skills

The teams involved on a project are often quite varied, including personnel across all levels and divisions. Relationship management, leadership, negotiating expertise and conflict resolution abilities and skills are essential to rally all the players around the same objective… COMMUNICATE Project managers must have excellent oral and written communication skills, and be able to talk […]

The job of project manager

Project managers are catalysers. They see projects through to successful completion and coordinate all the players concerned by a project, for both its implementation and its deliverable. They manage project impacts while the work is under way and after completion. THE NOTION OF “PROJECT” A project is a temporary company that creates a unique product […] network