Project management interviews

Read some project management professionals interviews. What do the professionals of project management say? Meet a supervisor engineering services, and a project manager in public works.

Interview with a project management recruiter about the job market perspectives

Interview with Wendy Kennah, project management recruiter about the job market perspectives. As the financial crisis and recession fade, it is time to take a fresh look at the job market for project managers. Year after year, we continue to see robust increases in both demand and supply for project managers. Consider the following statistics. […]

Interview with Patricia L., project manager in public works

After 10 years in the field as a technician, Patricia L. has been working as a project manager since July 2008. Negotiating, supervising and problem solving; her job requires responsiveness, adaptability and a capacity for lifelong learning. WHAT ARE YOUR DUTIES? I negotiate contracts and then provide follow-up. During the negotiation phase, I aim to […]

Grant Thery, Supervisor engineering services, Alberta

Grant Thery heads a 10-person team, including six project managers. He supervises infrastructure works. He banks on the complementarity of the project managers he coordinates, who each have a particular field of expertise. WHAT KINDS OF ASSIGNMENTS DO ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGER WORK ON? Whether it be repairing roads or sidewalks, building bridges or installing traffic […]

Interview with Michael Burns, President of 180 Systems

An accredited project management professional (PMP), Michael Burns harnesses his project managements skills for companies planning the implementation of new computer systems. 180 Systems considers that the manager’s role conditions a project’s success. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DO? Being a project manager in computers, like in most other fields, means that you depend […] network