Tailor your resume to each offer

First off, analyze the offer well in order to understand precisely what the recruiter is looking for. Then, modify your CV so that it meets the criteria of the job as closely as possible. The relevancy of your profile should be immediately apparent to the recruiter so that he will think “He’s/She’s the one!”

To facilitate this process, begin by creating a master CV and then tailor its contents to each offer. The easiest sections to modify are your objectives, your profile (the summary of your skills at the beginning of your CV) and the details of your previous professional experience.


  • EXAMPLE 1:

Job offer – Migration project manager:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information and Systems Management (required); at least 3 years previous experience in project coordination (required); experience in data migration (required); work experience in the banking sector (an asset); ability to manage multiple priorities; action-oriented

  • Tailored CV
  Objective To apply my experience in data migration projects to an international-scale bank
  • 4 years experience in project management
  • Data migration specialist: 3 most recent projects managed
  • Knowledge of the banking sector: 1 year experience in a financial service
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science – Information Systems
  • Dynamic
  • Recognized organization and leadership skills
  • EXAMPLE 2:

Job offer – Telecommunications Project Director:

8 to 10 years experience in project management; knowledge of the customer contact center environment (an asset); solid knowledge of MS Project (an asset); sense of initiative to resolve problems; strong communication skills; strong ability as a team player

  • Tailored CV
  Objective To commit myself as senior project director in a dynamic telecommunication company
  • 10 years experience as project director, including 2 years in a customer contact center
  • Telecommunications specialist
  • Creativity, autonomy
  • Very strong communication skills
  • Diplomacy, recognized team management skills
  • 5 years professional experience with MS project


Tailoring your CV does not equate with lying! You may hone in certain qualifications to highlight them but you certainly must not fabricate anything. Don’t forget that recruiters will most likely contact your previous employers to verify your information.

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