Appointments in project management for July 2019

Nadine Eskander @Hydro Ottawa

Nadine Eskander has been hired by Hydro Ottawa as a Consultant. Project Management in Ottawa. Before that she had been a Consultant, Project Manager.

Dino Marcantonio Ccs @Goodness Me! Natural Food Market

Dino Marcantonio Ccs has been hired on as a Director Supply Chain at Goodness Me! Natural Food Market in Branford. Before that he had been employed as a Director, Customs Compliance & Global Trade at Loblaw Companies Limited.

Richard Robey @Upchain

Richard Robey has been appointed Director Implementation Services at Upchain in Toronto. Before that he was a Client Engagement Director at FICO®.

Tariq Zabian @Flipp

Tariq Zabian has joined Flipp as a Director of Product in London. He had formerly filled the position of Co-founder || Shedd at OLX Group.

Partho Ghosh @Beanworks

Partho Ghosh has been appointed as a Director of Product Management at Beanworks in Vancouver. He formerly filled the role of Lead Instructor | Product Management & Agile Development at BrainStation.

Alain Yong @Scalar Decisions

Alain Yong was hired by Scalar Decisions as a Project Manager in East York. Previously, he had been working as an Assistant Vice President, IT.

Soumya Bhaumik @BayesTree Intelligence Inc

Soumya Bhaumik is no longer with Index Exchange where she was working as a Director of Product Management to occupy the same functions at BayesTree Intelligence Inc in Toronto.

Sylvia Li @PagerDuty

Sylvia Li has been appointed as a Sr. Sales Recruiter at PagerDuty in Toronto. She had been a Recruiter at NVIDIA until recently.

Michel Rondeau @CEL Aerospace Test Equipment Ltd.

Michel Rondeau was recruited by CEL Aerospace Test Equipment Ltd. as Director Project Management and Production in Montreal. Until now, he worked as Program Management Lead at Collins Aerospace.

Bob Rama @Worley

Bob Rama has been hired by Worley as Project Director in Calgary. He was formerly employed as Project Executive Consultant at Valmis Project Services Ltd.

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