Secrets to Boosting Your Productivity

Like an orchestra conductor for a project, the manager certainly should not be the weak link of his team. Here are six ways to stimulate his productivity.

1. Implement communication tools

Managing a project means frequent discussions with colleagues. Why not implement a communication platform for all team members? This reduces travel and time and avoids unwanted conversations in open-plan offices. Even better, tools such as Asana and Basecamp also let you share tasks between different team members.

2. Use video games

Everyone loves to play… and games are now part of the strategies to improve employee productivity and efficiency in large companies such as Microsoft. They give rewards – vacation time, various rewards, promotions – to employees who have completed targeted tasks and levels.

3. Promote remote working

According to studies, remote working increases productivity by 13%. Don’t overlook this way of operating that saves time and stress for your team members. And stimulate your employees by granting free access to online training or by allowing them to participate in interesting seminars and conferences.

4. Limit unnecessary meetings

If you use communication tools appropriately, you don’t have to frequently gather your team members in one place. Unnecessary meetings waste time and undermine employee morale. When necessary, use a videoconferencing platform to avoid travelling.

5. Use better time management

Keeping an eye on your team members’ performance is essential. But you also have to know how to motivate them to avoid late deliveries or procrastination, especially in remote work situations. Encourage them to take health breaks, which have beneficial effects on productivity.

6. Encourage automation

Don’t impose repetitive, less important tasks on your team members or you will risk losing morale and productivity. There are many computer tools – some online – which relieve the whole team of these burdens.

Boosting your productivity and that of your team is a continuous and shared process. Discover and implement new working methods and encourage your employees to do the same.

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