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Project Lead - Remote (Canada)

July 22 2021
Industries Non-profit organisation - NPO
Categories Project Management, Business Analysis, Community, Social Services, Nonprofit, Govt., NPO, Social & Community Work
Toronto, ON


AIDS-Free World is a small, fearless group of social justice advocates who have been wielding our influence and relying on our insider UN experience since 2007 to focus the attention of global institutions on the "underlying causes" beneath the spread of HIV.  We work to end the injustices—discrimination, sexism, racism, ableism—that allowed a relatively weak little virus like HIV to infiltrate societies through the margins and detonate into a global pandemic. Using targeted communication, high-level advocacy, research, documentation, analysis, and impact litigation, we press for reforms within global and national institutions that were created to correct social ills and defend human rights, but that are failing to live up to those crucial mandates.

We seek a professional with significant project design and management experience to plan, lead, and help execute a project we've named "CAVIA."

CAVIA is a smartphone app that AIDS-Free World designed and created. The Project Lead will be responsible for the project based on the use of the app.

Our efforts to end impunity for sexual offenses committed by UN personnel take on many forms. One is an innovative way to bring the perspectives of those most affected directly to the United Nations. The CAVIA app will be uploaded to basic smartphones and programmed to play a series of pre-recorded, open-ended interview questions and record confidential responses, thereby introducing policymakers and project planners for the first time to a population more intimately familiar with UN sexual exploitation and abuse than any other: those living in areas that have hosted UN peacekeeping, emergency response, or development assistance operations.

Please read more about CAVIA here:

The Project Lead will need to plan and manage the CAVIA project, including the work to program the app with questions; load it onto smartphones; design training materials; recruit, contract, train, and equip implementing partners around the world; work with them to host forums to introduce the app to specific communities; support the implementing partners as they use the app to interview those living in these communities; receive the compiled information from the implementing partners; and communicate the results to communities and then to the world.

Position Overview

Reporting to Co-Director Paula Donovan, the Project Lead will be responsible for mapping out all the moving parts of the CAVIA project; creating a timeline for how those moving parts interact; keeping all the parts moving towards completion; documenting all decisions, details, and progress; and working with a small team of colleagues and implementing partners to achieve the CAVIA project. 

Applicant Profile

Essential requirements include a work history that demonstrates the ability to design and carry out a comprehensive plan for a multi-year, multi-phase project; monitor and track the progress of this project; and recruit and work with partners in low- and middle-income countries to implement particular phases of the project.

The work history of the professional we seek will clearly demonstrate the ability to execute complex international projects with precision, thoughtfulness, a collaborative and inclusive rather than prescriptive approach, well-honed listening skills, and respect for and eagerness to learn from people of all cultures and social and economic groups.

They must have the social skills that will make them a comfortable addition to a small, progressive, feminist team. The successful candidate will be a flexible and effective collaborator who can work with colleagues whose advocacy work does not fit a traditional project management approach.

Key Responsibilities

- In consultation with AIDS-Free World staff, map and design the full project plan to complete the objectives of the CAVIA project

- Working collaboratively with AIDS-Free World staff, manage the work of the project's plan and help execute the successful completion of the CAVIA project

- Establish and maintain relationships with implementing partners and external experts, ensuring that partners' needs are met in a timely way and that they fulfill the contract terms as expected

- Coordinate hiring of external experts, consultants, and contractors

- Document all parts of the project, including lessons learned

- Make and elicit recommendations for changes to and improvements in the project's design and implementation

- Conduct ongoing risk management assessments throughout the project



At minimum, the candidate must have a bachelor's degree.

Required Experience

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate prior professional work experience that includes:

- A minimum of seven years' work in multiple project management roles, where projects involved both planning and hands-on execution

- Designing and managing projects that are in a context, culture, and/or country that is different from the candidate's own

- Designing, managing, and executing multi-year projects in low- and middle-income countries

- Collaborating with partners in developing countries

- International budget planning and management

- Communicating with supervisors, colleagues, and project partners remotely

- Working for a non-profit organization 

- Opportunities to demonstrate a commitment to social justice and feminist principles

Additional Required Skills

- Must demonstrate an exceptional ability to communicate clearly and professionally in all written and verbal exchanges

- Must be able to communicate fluently in English

- Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and remote communication tools

- Fluency in French is a strong asset, though not an essential qualification


AIDS-Free World was created as a virtual organization. With no physical headquarters, we employ a network of colleagues who live in different countries and work across time zones and continents.

The Project Lead will work remotely from home or a rented office in a space shared by like-minded organizations. Candidates who are currently legally eligible to work in Canada are invited to apply. Please note that AIDS-Free World is unable to assist with obtaining visas or work permits. Working hours will be Eastern Time, 9am – 5pm, with some work required outside of these hours. International and domestic travel will be required.


We offer a generous benefits package and competitive NGO compensation commensurate with experience.

How to apply

Please read the following guidelines carefully. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

- The application deadline is 5:00 PM (EDT) on Tuesday, August 10.

- Please submit your application online here:

- Please note that you will be required to submit answers to a series of questions as part of the online application process.

- You must submit your cover letter and résumé as separate PDF attachments.

- Please use your cover letter to describe how you fit the profile of the candidate we are seeking. Please detail how your project management skills and experience overlap with and will inform the work of the CAVIA Project.

Please note that shortlisted candidates will be asked to participate in an evaluated exercise as part of the selection process. This exercise will simulate one of the ways that the Project Lead will work with their supervisor and colleagues.

As AIDS-Free World Canada is a project on the MakeWay shared platform, the selected candidate will be an employee of MakeWay. MakeWay is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. network