Older Appointments in Quebec

Joe Mandato @Reitmans Canada Ltée/Ltd

Joe Mandato has gotten the job of IT Project Manager at Reitmans Canada Ltée/Ltd in Montreal. Before that he was employed as an IT Consultant at Facilité Informatique.

Lucie Bonneau @CN

Lucie Bonneau has taken up the duties of PCO PTC Project at CN in Montreal. She had formerly occupied the role of PCO at Desjardins.

Sebastien Madendjian @Réseau Sélection

Sebastien Madendjian has joined Réseau Sélection as a Project Manager in Montreal. He had previously occupied the position of Project Coordinator at BGIS.

Karine Colpaert-Ducastel @Advanced Dynamics Corporation Ltd

Karine Colpaert-Ducastel formerly filled the role of Project Manager at EOLPACK Inc. She has taken up the same position at Advanced Dynamics Corporation Ltd in Montreal.

Guy Janneteau @BBA

Guy Janneteau is taking up the duties of Project Manager - Project execution at BBA in Montreal. He previously worked as Manager of engineering at Building Product of Canada (EMCO).

Luc Campeau @CN

After working at FGL Sports Ltd, Luc Campeau has been recruited as a Senior Project Manager at CN in Montreal.

Arturo Morales @SAS

Arturo Morales has taken on the responsibilities of Sr Project Manager at SAS in Montreal. He had formerly occupied the position of Business Intelligence Project Manager at CN.

Lino Amato @Gildan

Lino Amato has been hired by Gildan as Advisory Project Manager in Montreal. He had formerly worked as Senior Director IT Solutions at University of Ottawa.

Bertrand-Olivier Desmarteau @Logient

Bertrand-Olivier Desmarteau has been hired by Logient as an IT Project Management Consultant in Montreal. Until recently, he was working as an IT Project Manager.

Valérie Barthelemy-Barbecot @McGill University Health Centre

Valérie Barthelemy-Barbecot has joined McGill University Health Centre as Project Manager in Montreal. Up until now, she served as WW HPE PointNext Customer Experience Methods & Processes Lead at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

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